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Private projects

MOS Interiors thrives to create living spaces that reflect the unique personality of their inhabitants. We realize this with ample respect for the existing space and adding a touch of ’MOS magic’. This consists of a sense of space, light, conviviality, exciting vibrant colors and exploring originality in the use of materials.

Business projects

MOS interiors implements a perfect translation of the image that you would like your company to emit to your customers. We create hotel atmospheres which make your guests feel at home. And office interiors that invite your employees to be at ease and productive at the same time.

Webshop accessories

Cushions, cushions, cushions. Cushions occupy a distinctive position in any MOS interior. Any cushions in our private collection is carefully hand made. They are produced with fabrics that were hand-picked at local looms during our extensive travels over the entire globe. Our handbags and purses are 100 % locally produced by Ghanese women thus providing them with a great opportunity to take control and enhance their lives.

stoffering en muurdecoratie


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Finalizing

A first meeting, without engagement usually takes place on location. Here we can discuss what MOS Interiors can do for you on your project.

MOS interiors considers it both vital and invaluable to take you to a fabrics showroom and immerse, together with you, in the colors, materials and designs to be found. With results of this ‘expedition’ we create mood books, furniture diagrams and layouts. Of course, lighting, ‘look and feel’ and budget are included in these plans.

MOS interiors elaborates all these plans in accordance with you, giving you the deep satisfaction of taking part in all this. Creating the layout of spaces, coming up with creative solutions for challenges popping up during the work and choosing original building materials, all belongs to our expertise. Cooperating with your architect and contractor is also part of the array of services that we provide.

For bespoke upholstery, we have our own, much trusted team available. We can also advise on construction companies to help you make sure that the result will be splendid!

Clients on MOS Interiors