Ahilya fort, India

Ahilya Fort (Maheshwar, Madya Pradesh) is a total authentic and unbelievable Indian experience at the banks of the second sacred river of India: Narmada. It is a 18th century heritage ruled since 250 years by the Holgar family.

The hotel has 13 rooms of which the tent, with its own garden and magnificent view of the river,  is my favorite. But the room in the tower, with the view on the temple in the middle of the river, is also unique.

They call this place ‘Little Varanasi’ ( named after the holly city of India), with the difference that this heavenly place is peaceful and quiet. Just at sundown and sunrise a crowd will appear for bathing and beat laundry on stone ghats. Devoted Hindu chant and pray here while children play and swim in the river.

The hotel has boats with which they can take you on a trip on the river, with homemade cookies and tea.

Diner at the fort is on a different spot each night and they arrange one amazing surprise night for their guests, which I will keep as a surprise.

During your stay you will meet other interesting guests and sometimes when the Maharaja himself is over from Europe, he will entertain and cook for you. I would have preferred to keep this wonder to myself, but since the the hotel has just 13 rooms it will never be overcrowded.

There is a lot more to tell, but i highly recommend everyone to experience this wonderful and pristine part of India themselves.


via www.biancatravel.nl