Because we are spoiled travelers, also with safari’s, we were looking for a very seldom journey to non touristic places and where we could meet up with tribes hidden far away from the rest of the world. I will take you along on our trip, now and then, on this site with photo’s and stories.

This journey took us to the Northern part of Kenya, close to the borders of Ethiopia and Sudan.
It started at the Porini Rhino Camp, a tented camp with a wildlife of 90,000 acres of which 60,000 acres is exclusively reserved by this camp. Apart from the famous ‘Big Five’ ( lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino and buffalo) you will also find a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees.

Because of the combination of magnificent views across the large open plains and its wildlife, this place is an absolute guarantee for great safari experiences. The nice thing about it is that except from drives in 4×4 jeeps you are also able to explore the surroundings by foot, accompanied by Maasai warriors as your guides.

The tented camp is totally eco-friendly and is situated underneath the acacia trees. In total they have 6 tents and a larger main tent, where you get together for meals or just enjoying the views with drinks and games.
The tents consist of a double and a single bed, a flush toilet and a real safari shower which will be filled up in the shower bags by the Maasai at any time you wish for.

In the evening when returning to your tent after an exciting safari day, you will find hot water bottles in your bed, because it cools off in the evenings. The food is delicious and what is so thrilling…you will not meet another human soul!