Lima, Peru

On our brief visit to Lima, the capital of Peru, I fell in love.

What a mystical city: music in the streets, beautiful architecture from their colonial past, you stumble upon the religious relics from the Inca era, the wonderful seaside location, the subtropical climate, their color and pattern use in their fabrics, known for their silver and unsurpassed culinary delights. In short a capital where I want to go back to soon…..with empty suitcases to still my stylist’s hunger for blankets, cushions, bags, silver llamas and so much more.

For years, tourists avoided Lima. On our KLM flight the flight attendant told about robberies in the streets and how dangerous Lima is. As all countries, poverty and a high level of corruption, needs you to move around in a streetwise manner. And going around with qualified guides is an absolute must in these kinds of countries.

But since 10 years, however, a tremendous improvement has taken place in Lima and the rest of Peru. Especially after the terrorist movement Shining Path was rolled. The economy is flourishing. In Miraflores, the most popular district among Peruvians but also tourist, many modern apartment buildings shopping malls and trendy restaurants have risen.

In this area you will also find the intriguing pyramid of Huaca Pucllana.

Having lunch at the famous restaurant on-site, is not only a true fairy tale because of the location, but also because of its superb dishes, a culinary feast.

And of course you should not miss the Inca Market in this district with its numerous colourful stalls.

We ourselves fell in love with the romantic, bohemian district of Barranco. As in many countries, again I got the desire to spend some time living in this city.  I could see us refurbish one of those old colonial dilapidated houses and the ability to furnish it with all those great Peruvian fabrics and trinkets.

The cliffs of Chorrillos shield Barranco from colder and more humid winds coming from the South. As a result, Barranco has a micro-climate that is warmer and drier than many of the other districts of Lima, which are generally more humid, especially between May and October.

In Barranco you will also find a lot of restaurants, nightclubs and recently a starbucks, entirely in bohemian style.

And everywhere in the streets musicians to give you a light and happy feeling.

The ultimate gift is to stay at the new and first boutique hotel in this area. The hotel carries the simple name of ‘B’. With it’s 17 suites and refined restaurant by Oscar Verlarde and the incredibly welcoming and superb staff, a treat after our journey through the more run down country of Venezuela.

Originally build as a large family mansion, where the many rare high ceilings were kept intact.

The hotel is filled with art. I was overwhelmed by each piece and wanted to take everything home.

Just recently they have been included in the acclaimed Relais & Chateaux group.

Are you planning to book a holiday to the famous Machu Picchu ruins in the Andes mountains, do not skip to visit Lima!

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