Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren

Madelon Oudshoorn Spaargaren

Being ten years old, I was already keen on redecorating my room. I would move the furniture around and give my pillows a new makeover. Loved using wall decoration, such as the returning trendy cork or Laura Asley wallpapers.

Since that early love, I would start advising family and friends, thus transforming into the professional interior designer I am today.
In collaboration with you I create colorful, personal and unique interiors for anything arranging from houses, hotels, companies, holiday homes, yachts to mobile homes. Complete renovations – from bare shell to the last cushion – are great, but I also gladly revive a single room.

However much I like to put my own mark on a project, the most important thing is that an interior radiates the individuality of the residents. A few new pieces and the re-upholstering of existing furniture can already create miracles. Just like a smart lighting plan, the right paint, a good spatial advice, handmade cushions and an exciting mix of colors and materials can.

Just buying everything new, implementing fast trends or following mainstream, is not what I do. Of course anything is possible. I create floors and kitchens that are not found easily anywhere else, introduce fabrics from all corners of the world and for that impossible lost space I design a cupboard – or a cool IKEA hack. I operate from my office in the centre of Amsterdam, together with a small, capable team of professionals.

I like to give each house and project the love it deserves. Providing the users with ample comfort, warmth and energy.

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