Paradise at the foot of the Atlas Mountains-Kasbah Beldi

My last heavenly place to stay in Marrakesh for the moment, I happily share here with you. For this paradise you have a 50-minute drive from the Medina.

For the absolute ‘ ohhhh, ahhhhh and whow ‘ feeling, you’ve come to the right place.

Since January this year, newly opened, the same owner as our favorite spot just outside the busy city; The Beldi Country Club (see blog post earlier this month ) , this can not be other than a huge success.

Located underneath the foot of the majestic Atlas Mountains, you feel the influences of the Berber population. The resort is run by a team of incredible sweet and dedicated people, led by a hostess from the nearby village who does everything in her power to make your stay enjoyable.

The female Moroccan chef comes by every day, wherever you currently find yourself on the premises at that moment, to have a chat and find out if you have specific requirements for lunch and / or dinner.

Where the lunch takes place is always a surprise; under the shelter of old willow branches, next to the flowing river or under the century’s -old tree. Everything is idyllic and in absolute tranquillity.

There are two swimming pools and a children’s pool, a separate area for breakfast and drinks for everyone gathered around the fire place burning inside, seated on the best upholstered chairs. The dinner takes place under the Berber tent surrounded by open fires and burning lights. Truly a fairy tale.

The rooms are simple but still have those nice Moroccan details of crisp linens, Berber carpets and stools. Ask for room 25 or 29 for the unique view. Personally we found the rooms with large windows a must if you stay there. Many rooms also have a private terrace with chairs, where you can enjoy the view of the mountains.

By day it is very hot and the evenings can be cool. We have seen all sorts of weather passing by, but that made it extra special.

Planting in the field is still relatively low, but the big boss has assured us it will be very high next year.

And here I thought the value for money is again more than good. For one night we paid 125 euros.