Secret hideaway in the caribbean

Are you, like me, always looking for that special place in the world where you will not necessarily bump into the whole Dutch community?

I personally get my kicks out of those kinds of hideaways.

And so there is a group of islands near the well-known Dutch ABC-Islands, where we have not met any Dutchman.

Once these islands teemed of Dutch fishermen (which is still visible in the mostly dark population, where some people suddenly have blue eyes and blond curly hair), but who left en masse to Curacao and Bonaire.

Los Roques with its three hundred islands is one of the largest archipelago and marine park of the Caribbean. The1209 permanent residents only inhabit this one island; Gran Roque. Because of the protected coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds, you will find the most beautiful and unique flora and fauna. The beaches have white sand and the warm water is a true color palette of all shades of blue.

Los Roques are located off the coast of Venezuela, a 45-minute flight from the capital Caracas. On the main island of Gran Roque you will find 60 so called posadas and inns, some of which offer except accommodation and food, transfers with picnic baskets and chairs to nearby uninhabited islands.

But the absolute must is to let you off at one of the islands where no one comes, so you feel like Robinson Crusoe for a day. It is just a matter of hoping that they’ll come back to pick you up the end of the day!

The islands are ideal for fishing, sailing, diving and snorkelling, but also for kite surfers it is a unique and unknown site.

Our posada Macanao, where we stayed, is located on the main beach near the tiny airport. The boats leave infront of  the hotel and the best bar, beach restaurant, the place to hang out for the hip crowd in the evening, Aquarena, is located next door. In the morning we started there with the best coffee and in the evening the place for drinks and bites at sunset.

Our hotel has only 4 rooms with views at the beach. Breathtaking, but sometimes noisy in the evening with partying youngsters at Aquarena. The rest of the rooms offer views on the village or the courtyard. Because the ecological system on the the island is very strict on managing water and electricity, you should not mind that showering is usually cold. Personally, I’m used to that in many tropical countries, but for the princes and princesses among us that can be a problem.

Go with a large family and / or friends, you can also rent the small pasados entirely.

Due to the mismatch between the official rate and the so-called black market, it is advisable to book directly with the hotels instead of through tour operators, if you succeed. Dollar exchange you should do on the black market and not the banks.



Secret hideaway in de caribbean

Ben je net als ik ook altijd op zoek naar die speciale