The Royal Senchi Ghana

In the West African country of Ghana, where I feel quite at home nowedays, recently a new hotel has opened that is not inferior to a four-star hotel on one of the Caribbean islands.

Located on the western shore of the Volta Lake, the largest basin in the world with an area of 8502 km2, where you imagine yourself in a tropical paradise. When we spent one night there last month, the official opening was yet to take place.

The rooms are very spacious and equipped with a private patio, all with a view over the river. The rooms on the first floor have high ceilings, which gives a very airy and spacious feel. From the bath you look into the room and you also have a view of the river.

The hotel has everything you would expect from a luxurious four star hotel: a pool, spa, bar both inside and outside, a bridal suite, a fantastic restaurant, business centre, conference rooms, swimming pool and large spaces to simply lounge and enjoy the scenery. All is set up very spacious. They must be heading for their 5th star.

Architecturally, I have not seen such a building in Ghana previously. Also with regard to the interior design I was thrilled. A combination of typical African materials, combined with boutique hotel elements. Truly the way I love it. Everything is well thought about and worked out perfectly to the smallest details. (still) Quite un-Ghanaian actually.

The hotel shop sells really good and fun gadgets that make us Westerners very greedy. I did not come across such a hotel shop in Ghana before.

The food also makes you want to return. The buffets are not only delicious but a lust for the eye.

But above all, what you should not skip a cruise on the Volta River, either with canoes or with their sailing pontoon-boat. The journey to the very impressive Akosombo dam takes you past beautiful scenery, plantations and charming villages. A very soothing trip that leaves you with huge inner happiness.